Corporate Profile

Adagene (NASDAQ: ADAG) is a publicly traded, global, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to transforming the discovery and development of novel antibody-based cancer immunotherapies.

Our platform is designed to generate therapeutic antibody candidates with unique functional epitopes and species cross-reactivity as highlighted by our immunotherapy pipeline. These features enable our novel drug discovery strategy to advance from lead identification through vigorous preclinical modeling to biomarker-guided mono- and combination immunotherapy development in clinical settings. We have pioneered a dynamic interface design to harness the conformational diversity of antibodies, which enlarges epitope sampling of a given drug target for differentiated therapeutic antibody development. We aim to push the boundaries of antibody discovery and engineering through the precise design, construction, and selection of antibody product candidates intractable to traditional antibody technology.

Our core technology is built upon our fundamental understanding of the role that protein folding and the motion of molecules play in giving rise to dynamic conformational diversity, where an amino acid sequence can adopt multiple structures and functions.

We have developed our proprietary AI-Powered DPL platform to explore the dynamic conformational diversity of protein sequences, and the flexible binding sites of antibody sequences in particular, as a new paradigm for antibody drug discovery. We believe our AI-powered dynamic precision library of approximately one trillion (1012) antibody sequences expands the diversity at the start of discovery to maximize the chance that suitable leads are found on the first pass.

By leveraging our proprietary DPL platform, we have developed a robust pipeline of innovative product candidates in various stages of development, ranging from research and discovery to preclinical and clinical development. Our highly differentiated clinical-stage pipeline consists of ADG106, ADG126 and ADG116. We also have a robust preclinical pipeline in various stages of development.